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Door and Hardware Pre-Fabrication

What Is Pre-Fabrication?

Pre-fabrication is the process by which our factory certified door technicians install hardware components on primed or prefinished doors in an off-site, controlled environment before they are delivered to the jobsite.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Fabrication?

  • Materials are delivered itemized by door number and palletized by location and ready to be hung.
  • Reduces time on site by up to 75%.
  • Allows for doors to be installed later in the construction schedule reducing opportunity for damage and after completion of other finish trades.
  • Doors can be hung in less than 10 min per door, saving time and money.
  • Reduces the need for expertise in the field, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.
  • Problems are identified and corrected before materials arrive at the jobsite. (i.e. Incorrect door, incorrect hardware preps, missing parts, defective product, improperly sized hardware, etc.)
  • Hardware isnít lost, damaged or stolen on site
  • Less packaging and waste to be thrown away on the jobsite.
  • Electrified hardware is tested and certified before it arrives on the jobsite.
  • Shorter deficiency lists with reduced damage and field touch ups. Doors are installed after flooring and furniture are put in the rooms.
  • All other non-door-mounted hardware components, (silencers, wall stops, smoke seals) are bagged and shrink wrapped to each door. No need for inventorying or relocating hardware on site.


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